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María Esther Barbieri
(Caracas. Distrito Capital 1963 /Resides and works in Naguanagua, Carabobo state)

Graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Carabobo (1987) she has made several studies in the area of ??the arts, among which stand out: 2002 - 2006 Studies in Pure Art Cultural Extension Center of the José Antonio Páez University, Valencia Carabobo State. Venezuela. Ceramic Technology Fire Art Workshop, with the teacher Cándido Millán, 2006; Master of the Arts of Fire, University of Carabobo 2007-2008; Residence Scholarship III Milenio, Spain 2009 and Master of Contemporary Art, Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas 2014.

He has made the following individual exhibitions: Primigénium Píxel, La Ventana, Los Galpones, (2020) Caracas Venezuela.  I Open Thread Hotel Hesperia  WTC Septiembre  (2019) Valencia Venezuela. Intertwined Nature, Eladio Alemán Sucre Cultural Center (2014) Valencia. Codified Reality, Gallery Space 5 (2013) Valencia. Alchemy, Secadero Uno, Hacienda la Trinidad (2013) Caracas. The Hide and Seek of the Forgotten, Cabinet of Drawing and Print (2010) Valencia. Tribute to the Soul, Luis Guevara Moreno Gallery, Dr. Manuel Feo La Cruz Public Library, (2006) Valencia.

As a participant in group exhibitions, the following stand out: We are 10. IDU  Urological Cultural Space (2020) Valencia Venezuela. Mutable Exhibition, Paseo el hatillo Gallery of the Art Center El Hatillo Curated by @factotumccs shows organized together with @biveelhatillo and @fundacionfenicelarralde, December 2017. Caracas Venezuela. Art Contest Miami Basel Season Curator's Voice Art Projects Contemporary Art curated by Milagros Bello December 2017 Miami FL. Amazon Art and Design, CAF Gallery, March 2016 Caracas Venezuela. BLISTERINGS Curator's Voice Art Projects, by Milagros Bello August 2015 Miami FL. Visual Dialogues, Space Gallery 5 (2014) Valencia, Memories of the Collection. Identity of a Museum, Cabinet of the Drawing and of the Print (2014) Valencia. The Line in the Engraving, Cabinet of the Drawing and of the Print (2013) Valencia.  Biennial National 68 Arturo Michelena Galería Universitaria Braulio Salazar  circuit CCEAS & GDEV, October 2016 Valencia, Venezuela. Biennial 67 Salón Arturo Michelena Galería Universitaria Braulio Salazar circuit CCEAS & GDEV, November 2014 Valencia, Venezuela. Biennial National Exhibition of the Arts of Fire, editions 40, 39,38,37,36,35,34 and 33. Braulio Salazar University Gallery (2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006) Valencia. Biennial I National Hall of Drawing and Print. Cabinet of Drawing and Print (2013) Valencia. Grupo Artemusa, 5 editions of Landscape, Passion and Sacred. Black Park Hipolita. Valencia. Arteaméricas Convention Center Miami (2012) Florida. Biennial of Graphic Miniatures Luisa Palacios, editions XIV, XIII and XII. TAG (2011, 2008, 2006) Caracas. Annual Meeting ACAF, Editions XVI, XV, XIV, XIII, XII and XI. Centro Cultural Eladio Alemán Sucre. (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009) Valencia. VIII Mondial del'Estampe et de la Gravere Originale. Triennale de Chamaliéres (2010) France. Federal Republic of Artists in Motion. José Clemente Orozco Gallery. (2009) Mexico City. From nothing 8. Exhibition Halls of the Castle of Alcalá del Júcar (2009) Spain. Graphic Actuality in Carabobo. Cabinet of Drawing and Print (2006) Valencia.

His work has been worthy of the following awards: Award Ceramicas Carabobo. 40 National Hall of Fire Arts. Braulio Salazar University Gallery (2015) Valencia. City of Valencia Award. 38 National Hall of Fire Arts. Braulio Salazar University Gallery (2011) Valencia. Award Institute of the Arts of Image and Space. 36 National Hall of Fire Arts. Braulio Salazar University Gallery (2009) Valencia. General Motors Award of Venezuela. 34 National Hall of Fire Arts. Braulio Salazar University Gallery (2007)  Valencia.


Art Carelis Award. First National Edition, Art Gallery Carelis, Maracay July 2015.

His work has been published in Book 500 PRINTS ON CLAY. Larks Ceramics. Paul Andrew Wandles (2013).

Since 2009 he has been President of the ACAF Civil Association of Artists of Fire.Valencia Venezuela.
Instagram: @mariaestherbarbieri
twitter: @mebarbieri




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